Sunday, May 27, 2012

Masters Styling and Mid-Terms!! Oh MY!

Okay...maybe I could have written one long blog but what would be the fun in that?? Please don't try to rob me of my chance to tell as many stories as I can in all of their glory, SEPERATELY! :)) Today has been insane! I thought I better update you on Master Styling contest...I was a bit nervous again but I will admit that Sidney was right, it really DOES start getting easier! Our theme this week was Fairytales and I went as Queen Ravenna from Snow White...this was me:
Yes I am aware that I look a bit different but I will post my description so you it is :

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to CWS Master Styling Event. Thank all of you for coming and special thanks to Steve ,Anrol, the judges and trainers who have made this such an amazing experience. You may know me as Serenity Ledevre, but today I am Queen Ravenna! Yes, I am aware that I look a bit different than what you may be used to but some nasty little mirror was spreading rumors that there is some plain Jane named Snow White who is more fair than I! Can you imagine? Okay Okay yes, I used to wear too much drab black...I loved it but I let that mirror get the best of me and I got a make-over!
I got this lovely silver dress with beautiful roses over the shoulder designed by Sonja...These dazzling mary-jane pumps desgned by Faster Pussycat glitter well with all of the diamonds 
that I am wearing..suited for a queen of course!  I know royals often wear crowns of gold but for me, this diamond tiara was the order of the day. All jewels and tiara ,you can find at Earthstones. So, Snow white has blood red lips? <yawn> I have rubies! I know they caught your eye. Snow white could possibly be fair but is she fair AND sexy?? I feel safe that my being fairest of all cannot be disputed...especially by that broken mirror! Don't be silly, you think I am giving MYSELF seven years bad luck? I had a slave break it! <Wink>

Honestly, that queen always did have a bit of an attitude though didn't she? <laughs> I had a fun time getting ready for this, however today was the end of the line for me. No worries though, it's all good. As I said before, those who have moved on to the next round well deserved it and I learned some new tricks that I would not have known had I not been in this competition. Also hey...I made it into the top 8 in CWS ,  so, not bad huh?? Moving on to next round will be, Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot, Liberty Lighthouse, Violetta Grace,
Mesange Acai , and Babette Upshaw! Good luck Ladies! As for you my reading audience, I will post a link to the winners blog  when all is said an done.
Moving right along now...we had mid-terms today and I passed!! Yay! I am so excited...if I pass my finals too I will be a working model with CWS! How great is that? We did beach and  dome  formations today...we had already done styling. True to form ,I had's good though, I have passed! I really want to give thanks to Steve and Anrol for this fantastic opportunity and my trainers, Debbie, Laylah, Nina, Vicky, Lisana, Tiffani and Didier!! You have all taught me SO much and I am grateful beyond measure. Much love to all of you and to my fellow classmates, congratulations! Now, on forward to finals with Dean Didier!! <Crossing Fingers> I will keep you updated!

Nils Island Fashion Show

Hi Again Everyone!
Saturday CWS had another amazing fashion show! What fun....for all of you fashionistas if you were not there, you truly missed out!
The setting was lovely took place at the new Red Stage at CWS' new  venue and so many people showed up. Really though, how could they not?
Nils has SO  much to offer when you are looking to enhance your wardrobe!
What a great variety simply was to die for. 
If you are looking for the latest in high fashion and catwalk trends, you must check out her store....honestly, your needs will be met. :)
From vintage to lace to polka dots, Nils has you covered ;) Pun not initially intended but realized and enjoyed. <Giggles>
I don't think there was a room in all of SL filled with more lovely models...absolutely NOT possible. The best of the best of CWS were all rocking the runway! The Devine Debbiedoo Tigerfish, lovely Laylah Lecker , vivacious Vicky Longbo, lovely Lisana Rossen ,truly fab Tiffani Celestalis, simply ravishing Sidney Abbot ,lovely Lady Sunfire, Top Model With a J, Janet Brink ,
luscious Liberty Lighthouse , mesmerizing Mesange Acacia ,oh so fab ooooSaraooo , vivid shining star, Violetta Grace , and last but NEVER least, Sassy Starfire Outlander!!! Yes I gave them these nicknames, it's my blog I will be a little bit cheesy if I want to and there will be no suing for defamation  because every word I uttered about these amazing models is 100% truth! Start attending some CWS fashion shows and you will see for yourself! Here is a pic if you are having a hard time believing all of this awesomeness but still..just trust me and go to the next show :
Well ladies and gents, Nils is giving  out a FREE gift in appreciation for the great turnout Saturday and I am off to get mine. If you want to check out their store, you can take this cab : Nils Island Store 
Have a great day everyone...maybe I will see you there??? :))

Blogging Class

Hi Everyone!! Wow! I know I haven't blogged in a while but I have to tell you,
it's been a wild week at UCWS and CWS in general. SO much great stuff going on and Class of May has been preparing for mid-terms! 
So, I was thinking maybe I should fill you in on a little tidbit. I would not have even started this blog without UCWS! They have a great class on blogging and i enjoyed it so much. The class was given by the lovely Laylah, she is amazing!
I am not sure I can count the positive experiences I have had at CWS  and since I love writing, this was one of my faves! It really is unbelievable all of the great things you learn about in the modeling world! 
Have a look:
That's me in class, listening quite attentively to Laylah because I hate to miss anything and it's all so interesting and informative! I had a good chuckle because when I looked at this snapshot I saw that I just happened to be the featured photo of the second  during the slideshow of our class! Okay , I am off for now...I have loads to get done now but really wanted to mention this class....if you aren't signed up for next semester of class at UCWS , I don't know what's holding you back. Contact Anrol Anthony or Steve McCullogh to get started on YOUR modeling path!! Good luck...can't wait to see you here and when I meet you, tell me I sent you!! lol!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Master Styling And Photography Class

May 20, 2012
Wow! Another great day at CWS! Today I competed in the second round of 
a Master Styling contest. The theme of the day was Victorian Tea Party. I really enjoyed styling for this event because it is one of my favorite eras. I always get carried away  with period movies , it's all so addicting to me. I always imagine that I had a past life during that around in my gown, hat and gloves, sipping tea at a proper gathering. I love the little things like the way men stood up when a woman entered the room or the  way ladies curtsy'd when greeting or leaving someone. I loved the way they talked! I love the way they were so well read ..I could go on and on but I won't. You get  my point I am sure.
Anyway since the theme was Victorian Tea Party and we are given a bit of liberty I chose to go for the look of Victorian Coutoure. This was me:
The other ladies that were in this round with me were :Liberty Lighthouse ,Janet Brink ,Princess Violeta, Mesange Acacia ,Maggie Spires ,Ania Lenni ,
Eva Madenwald, Sidney Abbot , Lilmama Artis ,Jaylynn Charisma and Babette Upshaw! Talk about lots of talent! I was a bit of a nervous wreck again. I am told by the lovely Liberty that you get less nervous  as the time goes on but I think I am just a bundle of "Omigosh, what if THIS happens ? Or that?" You cannot imagine what you allow to run through your mind when there are 9 amazing models around you, all in cue pose ,looking fab and you suddenly start doubting yourself! I think a lot of us do because it is always SO quiet back stage while we are waiting to walk! I was super relieved my friend Carrie popped up in my chat box to say hello...she kept me pre-occupied almost right until it was time for me to walk.I was a bit more confident this time because I have now had extra training knowing which questions to ask and then the classes at was amazing getting ready knowing extra things to look for that I would not have known before. Steve and Anrol were there today and Tiffani and Laylah also came and judging were the amazing Debbie and Vicky. I have to show you how incredible everyone looked before I tell you the results! I took pics...forgive me for forgetting that I had my environment still set on 

Doesn't everyone look great?? I wanted to keep my outfit on and go to a different time period sim but you know, sometimes real life intereferes with Second Life...I mean dare they? Haha! 
So guess what? Out of this group of amazing models I am one of the eight to move on to the next round!!! I am so excited! Next week we get to style fairytales! What a blast that is going to be!! The seven moving along with me are Liberty Lighthouse, Sidney Abbot, Janet Brink ,Ania Lenni ,Mesange Acacia , Jaylyn Charisma , and Princess about some stiff competition! I am sure though whoever ends up with the title it will be well deserved. I know you are on the edge of your seats now but don't worry..I will keep you updated! I had class today too with Didier...he teaches us about inworld photography which is perfect for me since I DO inworld photography for avatar portraits and though I  get lots of compliments on my work ,this can only make it better. He is full of great tips and tricks..what a priveledge to be getting lessons from such an amazing photographer. You really should check out his Flickr account. Didier Rascon...fabulous I tell you! Well , it has been a long day for me and we have a busy week ahead so I will be running along for now. Promise I will catch up many exciting things going on!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

My First Week At CWSU and Snow White Styling!

Wow! What a week it has been!
When I joined a contest with Classic With Style: owned by Steve McCullogh and Anrol Anthony, I started
attending free basic trainings that they make available so that you are able to attend and get help with formations and such so that you could do themed styling contests that happen five nights a week at CWS. (Well..Nights for me) First let me say that the trainers are amazing! Debbie, Lisana, Tiffani, Didier, Nina and Laylah sure do put a lot into making sure that you are well prepared. I was amazed at the information I was taking in! I decided that I really enjoyed what I was doing and decided to attend May 2012 classes with their university so that I could begin a modeling career! It has been amazing! I am really loving it. People seem to think that you just put on a hud and model. Oh contraire my friends! It is HARD WORK and yes a LOT goes into it!
What an amazing place CWSU is. I have only been a student for one week and I cannot believe how much I have learned in such a small amount of time. This is not for the faint of heart and if you do what you are taught and asked for homework, it shows you are truly in it to win it when it comes to being a model. I am making new friends in Second Life from fellow models to the awesome trainers. I would definitely recommend CWSU to anyone who is serious about starting a modeling career and being part of something that is "Simply The Best"!!

Aside from Master Styling auditions, I had not done any of the themed styling events until this week.
I participated on Wednesday , May 16, 2012. The theme was Michael Jackson and being a life long fan of his and of his music I just knew I had to enter! This was such an exciting event for me to participate in.
I was devastated by the loss of the legendary musician who was a great humanitarian and I knew I wanted to be earth girl from his amazing earth song video. Saving the planet was a cause Mr.Jackson had taken up later in his life but he really had a passion for it which shows clearly in this video and song so I thought what better way to pay tribute to him ,having the opportunity to do it with my great love of fashion! Music and two greatest loves and I got to use them both as inspiration for my styling that evening. I competed with Ascensions Resident and Love Santiago. I am not going to try to lie..I was a nervous wreck! I ended up having a great time though and walked away with second place. Ascensions won with her interpretation of the pharoas wife from Michael's "Remember The Time Video".
All in all it was a great night :))

Last night I attended an end of the week styling. Theme:Snow White. I have to say that it was lovely..and FUN! I love going to these shows ,there is the entertainment value of course and then I like to see what the other girls are doing. I really would advise you to go to these events if you are interested in modeling or just want  some good fun. If you are interested in modeling , you do learn a lot by watching these girls in action! I won't tell you the things you can learn, I will just advise you to show up for them and see for yourself. I honestly love watching the girls' interpretation of what they are styling. So many original ideas floating around is an inspiration.
Last nights contestants were:
Babbette Upshaw (Go class of May 2012!!)
Ascensions Resident
Sidney Abbott
Karilicious Resident
Lin Carlucci and
Love07 Resident ( A brave new trainee who has jumped head first into styling events!)
Here they all are in their lovely outfits..............

So just imagine standing there  on those red dots, posing away...waiting for the judges results!! Well , if they were nervous it sure didn't show on any of those beautiful faces but I am told that no matter how long you do this, you  will always get a small case of the nerves. Don't worry though, the fun of it all trumps the nerves every time :))
Now,  without further ado , here are last nights winnners:
Taking third place, Miss Sidney Abbott.....second place ,Miss Babette Upshaw and finally our winner ,the lovely Lin Carlucci!! Congratulations ladies, job well done!!!
As you can see, there is a lot to love about CWS and if you  aren't already a part of it and have a love for fashion , then what  are you waiting for? I hope to see you soon!