Sunday, May 27, 2012

Masters Styling and Mid-Terms!! Oh MY!

Okay...maybe I could have written one long blog but what would be the fun in that?? Please don't try to rob me of my chance to tell as many stories as I can in all of their glory, SEPERATELY! :)) Today has been insane! I thought I better update you on Master Styling contest...I was a bit nervous again but I will admit that Sidney was right, it really DOES start getting easier! Our theme this week was Fairytales and I went as Queen Ravenna from Snow White...this was me:
Yes I am aware that I look a bit different but I will post my description so you it is :

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to CWS Master Styling Event. Thank all of you for coming and special thanks to Steve ,Anrol, the judges and trainers who have made this such an amazing experience. You may know me as Serenity Ledevre, but today I am Queen Ravenna! Yes, I am aware that I look a bit different than what you may be used to but some nasty little mirror was spreading rumors that there is some plain Jane named Snow White who is more fair than I! Can you imagine? Okay Okay yes, I used to wear too much drab black...I loved it but I let that mirror get the best of me and I got a make-over!
I got this lovely silver dress with beautiful roses over the shoulder designed by Sonja...These dazzling mary-jane pumps desgned by Faster Pussycat glitter well with all of the diamonds 
that I am wearing..suited for a queen of course!  I know royals often wear crowns of gold but for me, this diamond tiara was the order of the day. All jewels and tiara ,you can find at Earthstones. So, Snow white has blood red lips? <yawn> I have rubies! I know they caught your eye. Snow white could possibly be fair but is she fair AND sexy?? I feel safe that my being fairest of all cannot be disputed...especially by that broken mirror! Don't be silly, you think I am giving MYSELF seven years bad luck? I had a slave break it! <Wink>

Honestly, that queen always did have a bit of an attitude though didn't she? <laughs> I had a fun time getting ready for this, however today was the end of the line for me. No worries though, it's all good. As I said before, those who have moved on to the next round well deserved it and I learned some new tricks that I would not have known had I not been in this competition. Also hey...I made it into the top 8 in CWS ,  so, not bad huh?? Moving on to next round will be, Janet Brink, Sidney Abbot, Liberty Lighthouse, Violetta Grace,
Mesange Acai , and Babette Upshaw! Good luck Ladies! As for you my reading audience, I will post a link to the winners blog  when all is said an done.
Moving right along now...we had mid-terms today and I passed!! Yay! I am so excited...if I pass my finals too I will be a working model with CWS! How great is that? We did beach and  dome  formations today...we had already done styling. True to form ,I had's good though, I have passed! I really want to give thanks to Steve and Anrol for this fantastic opportunity and my trainers, Debbie, Laylah, Nina, Vicky, Lisana, Tiffani and Didier!! You have all taught me SO much and I am grateful beyond measure. Much love to all of you and to my fellow classmates, congratulations! Now, on forward to finals with Dean Didier!! <Crossing Fingers> I will keep you updated!

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